Each of the six episodes of Legally Abused has been written as a hybrid Screenplay/Novel with each spec script successfully combining the descriptiveness of a Novel with the dialogue of a Screenplay.

But unlike a Novel with a minimum of around 150,000 words, Legally Abused's hybrid scripts are half that size with just 77,000 words skilfully written to command a full six hours of television viewing.

Furthermore, it is the ease and speed of reading that undeniably makes Legally Abused a compelling and comprehensive, True Crime, six-part television miniseries dedicated to exposing allegations of criminal (Star Chamber) activity within Australian government agencies and too often the Australian Judiciary.

The word count for each of the six episodes (scripts) has been given below.

SUMMARY OF FEELINGS   (Would these be yours?)

  •   PART ONE:   A Tyrant Judge

  • (61 pages – 13,165 words)

  •   PART TWO:   Going for Gold

  • (58 pages – 12,737 words)

  •   PART THREE:   Betraying Trust

  • (60 pages – 12,554 words)

  •   PART FOUR:   Justice on Hold

  • (62 pages – 13,314 words)

  •   PART FIVE:   The Wheel Turns

  • (60 pages – 12,935 words)

  •   PART SIX:   A Day of Reckoning

  • (53 pages – 12,208 words)